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Meet our Content Tutors!


Revelle College | General Biology

Hi, I’m Alan! I’m one of the chemistry and math tutors at the Teaching & Learning Commons. When I’m not stressing out about the quarter system, I like to read comics, watch TV, and relax for unspecified amounts of time. How can I assist you today?


Warren College | Mathematics-Computer Science

Hello! My name is Austin Nguyen. I am a third year Mathematics-Computer Science major from Warren. In my free time I play Ultimate Frisbee for the UCSD Air Squids. I also love to watch movies and play the piano. After I graduate, I will either pursue higher education or become a software engineer. I’m very excited to be a tutor this quarter! 


Revelle College | Biochemistry-Cell Biology

Hi! My name is Ankeeta and I’m a second year biochemistry and cell biology major from Revelle College. I love tutoring and volunteering in my community. In my free time, I like to read, bike, and watch movies.


Warren College | Applied Mathematics

Hi! My name is Evan and I’m a 2nd year applied math major. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time are playing sports and board games. My future goals are to either become a professor or work in a company.

Frances D.

Warren College | Mathematics – Computer Science

My name is Frances and I am a 3rd year Math-Computer Science major in Warren. I’m from Oakland, CA and hope to be a software engineer or a teacher. I used to walk dogs.

Frances K.

Muir College | Bioengineering: Biotechnology

I’m a third year Bioengineering: Biotechnology major in Muir. I’m from Oakland, CA and I love going for runs. I also really love O’chem, so feel free to come by and ask me whatever O’chem questions you have! I’m happy to help! 


Muir College | Junior | Computer Science

Hi! My name is Hao Luo. I am a CS major & Econ minor in my junior year. I am easy-going and I’d love to help anyone with Math because I’ve been helped a lot during my own time of taking the courses, so feel free to come and ask questions. I love to play the piano and basketball, and League of Legends, and I would love to make new friends!


Revelle College | Bioengineering

Hello, my name is Zhixiong (Jack) Li and I am a third year Bioengineering major from Revelle College. In my free time, I like to play the guitar, play basketball, cook and watch movies. I am a huge fan of Marvel Studios and NBA, and I am an outgoing person so feel free to come and ask questions or just chat!


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am a third year Biochemistry and Cell Biology student from ERC. I was born and raised in China, and moved to LA when I was 12. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, traveling, playing video games and badminton, going on food adventures, and of course, teaching! 


Warren College | Chemical Engineering

I grew up in Maryland but I’ve been studying Chemical Engineering here at UCSD for four years. I hope to be a teacher one day, so I’m always happy to answer academic questions. I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons in my free time and I’m always looking for a new book to read.


Warren College | Chemical Engineering

Hi! I’m Julia, a fourth year Warren chemical engineering major from Orange County. I’m on the club volleyball team here at UCSD, and in my free time, I like to read and go to concerts.


Warren College | Electrical Engineering

Hey! My name is Kevin Kao and I’m a third year electrical engineering major in Warren college. When I’m not studying or tutoring, I love to box and take photos. You can catch me at the Boxing Club in the mornings or out on hikes with my camera on the weekends. I’ve also been a member of several engineering projects on campus.


Muir College | Cognitive Science

I’m Lakshmi S. Menon, a third year Cognitive Science major in Muir College. I’m also minoring in math, and have been working as a math tutor at the Commons for over a year now. I’m Co-President of the Indian Students Association, and also Secretary of the Data Science Students Society at UCSD. I’m interested in Data Science, and also love to dance!


Revelle College | Neuroscience and Physiology

Lily is currently a third-year undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience and physiology. Passionate about care and outreach towards others, she enjoys working with individuals to progress the community along a path of understanding, dignity, and unity. Thus, in her free time, she finds joy in spending time at Urban Angels Housing Connections for homeless outreach. In addition to this, she is obsessed with the outdoors, with animals, and with cooking, especially sharing dishes and desserts with friends and family. All in all, she hopes to influence those around her to not only present and assert their own voices, but to also build joy in their day-to-day lives.


Sixth College | Electrical Engineering

Hi, my name is McKenna Roonan, and I am a second year Electrical Engineering major at Sixth College. I grew up in San Francisco where I found my love of sailing

Michelle M.

Eleanor Roosevelt College | Mechanical Engineering

I am a Junior-standing Mechanical Engineer major from ERC.  I tutor physics, chemistry, and math.  When not in Teaching+Learning Commons or in class, I can be found on the waters at Mission Bay, at Rimac, or eating lots of carbs! 


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Electrical Engineering

My name is Po Hsiang Huang and I am a second year electrical engineering major from ERC. I am from the 626 but I grew up in Taiwan for most of my life. I enjoy creating new things and therefore I am a part of many projects. I like helping people understand concepts and hope I can help other students achieve their academic goals.


Warren College | Public Health

Hello! I am Sylvia, and I am from San Gabriel. My future goal is to become a primary care physician.  When I have time, I love editing videos and participating in different events. Feel free to ask me any question, I would be happy to help.