Learning Strategists

Meet our Learning Strategists!



Eleanor Roosevelt College | Visual Arts Major, Educational Studies Minor

My name is Angela Kuo and I’m from San Diego. I am a fourth year Visual Arts Major with an Education Studies Minor from Eleanor Roosevelt College. I currently work at the Commons as a Learning Strategist. My plan for after graduation is to get my Master’s degree in Education Studies from our Graduate program here at UCSD. I enjoy working with children and I love dogs. I have a yellow Lab named Blue, but the dog in my bio picture is not him because he doesn’t like taking pictures with me.



Eleanor Roosevelt College | Applied Mathematics Major, Education Studies Minor

Besides from spending all my time doing math, I like to explore different genres of books. I’ve tried out many different hobbies throughout college (knitting, sculpting, sketching). Right now, I’m trying out watercoloring. After college, I plan on getting my masters in education and also my teaching credential. Then, my end goal is to be high school math teacher.



Sixth College | Human Developmental Sciences Major, Education Studies Minor

Hi, y’all! My name is Nicole Hutson and I am currently in my third and last undergraduate year here at UC San Diego. I am from Sixth College, and I am majoring in Human Developmental Sciences and minoring in Education Studies. After I receive my Bachelor’s degree, I want to come back to UC San Diego for my Master’s of Education degree. Eventually, I want to obtain my Doctorate degree and work on educational reform



Muir College | Social Psychology

I enjoy listening to music and hanging out with my awesome friends.





Sixth College | Biochemistry/Cell Biology

I’m a professional social media browser and have been known to give pretty good advice on how to learn. My hobbies include traveling and finding great places to eat. Fun fact: I once drove a Mario Cart through Tokyo! After graduating I plan to pursue a career as a pharmacist.