Supplemental Instruction Leaders

Meet our Supplemental Instruction Leaders!



Sixth College | Structural Engineering

Hello! My name is Alvin and I’m from the Bay Area. My favorite thing to do is to try to figure out all the engineering concepts that go into the objects in my everyday life.





Sixth College | Human Biology

Hello, my name is Andrea, named after the one and only Andreas Brehme. And yes, I did play soccer my entire life, but now I play Lacrosse! I love spending time with all of my wonderful sisters from Phi Sigma Rho when I’m not at the beach or on a spontaneous adventure. I am from a super small cow town in the heart of San Diego. Fun fact: I played soccer with David Beckham.




Muir College | Joint Mathematics-Economics

Hello, my name is Bardia and I am from Orange County. I like basketball, biking, and kayaking. My goal is to devise group activities related to the course content so we can gain a better understanding of the material. I hope to see you at my sessions.




Revelle College | Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Hello! My name is Ben and I’m a third year biochemistry major from Northern California. When I’m not studying biochemical pathways and protein structures, I’m discovering new music and hiking down to the beach . After undergrad, I plan to pursue a career in science education.



Catherine H.

Revelle College | Economics Major and Accounting Minor

Hello everyone, my name is Catherine.  I am from Shanghai, China. I am a third year Economics major and Accounting minor from Revelle College. My favourite color is pink. My hobby is to watch horror movies and sleep. We will get along if you like Wendy from Red Velvet.



Cathy Z.

Marshall College | Applied Math and Cognitive Science Major

I am a second year student with majors in Applied Math and Cognitive Science. I come from a family of teachers and I definitely think teaching runs in the family. I love theme parks, alternative rock, Nintendo Switch, YouTube and all flavors of ice cream, even though I am lactose intolerant.




Eleanor Roosevelt College | Applied Mathematics Major, Education Studies Minor

Besides from spending all my time doing math, I like to explore different genres of books. I’ve tried out many different hobbies throughout college (knitting, sculpting, sketching). Right now, I’m trying out watercoloring. After college, I plan on getting my masters in education and also my teaching credential. Then, my end goal is to be high school math teacher.




Revelle College | Aerospace Engineering

Hello! My name is Christopher and I am a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I’m from Orange County, and I enjoy playing piano and guitar, eating food (I LOVE Asian food), and reading. Excited to be working with you!




Revelle College | Biochemistry-Cell Biology

I was born and raised in the little-big town of Temecula which is about an hour from UCSD. I like long walks on the beach and poetry that reminisces over autumn leaves adorning their gowns of various hues. I love music, cartoons, and video games, new and old. I’m into most geek-stuff, really.  And I have a huge sweet tooth, which is why I bring Kit-Kats and Reese’s to my sessions (more people seem to like those, although my favorites are Butterfingers and Almond Joys). Fun fact: I have a healthy fear of umbrellas, yet I love the rain. In the past, I’ve done lab research and was an IA for BILD 4. I plan for a career in medicine, hoping for either pediatrics or internal medicine.




Muir College | Bioengineering, Biotechnology

Hi! This is Evelyn. I’m a third-year international student from South China.. At school, I dedicate myself to my major classes and labs. Outside of school,  I’m a photographer and a huge fan of traveling since I really want to try every amazing food all over the world! For now, I’m still debating if I should go to industry after graduation or if I should pursue a Ph.D. Anyway, I guess we will figure it out.




Eleanor Roosevelt College| Mathematics

My name is Ibrahim, I am from a small town near Sacramento.  I am a third year Math major, and love the challenges that math and science present us with.  I hope to help others stay on the “love side” of the love-hate relationship we all have with tough subjects! 




Eleanor Roosevelt College| Mechanical Engineering

Hello there, it’s Jackie. I’m a third year mechanical engineering major. I love movies (Blade Runner 2049 is currently my personal favorite) and good books, and do a little bit of photography and miniature modeling in my free time.




Warren College | Computer Engingeering

James is a second year computer science major who has a special interest in Graphics, Networks, and AI. His goal is to become a software engineering who utilizes the newest technologies to solve problems. He is currently an RA in Warren College in addition to being an SI leader.




Warren College | Computer Science with a Specialization in Bioinformatics

I was born in San Diego, traveled the world, and came back to live here during my junior year of high school. When I’m not being an SI leader I am either studying, coding, volunteering at a Molecular Biology Lab at UCSD, or busy being the best older sister on the planet. After graduating I plan to go to medical school where I can finally pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.




Warren College | Economics & Environmental Science Major

Hi! I’m Jerry from Shanghai, China. I really like to explore different things and bring them together. I enjoy scuba diving and got certificated. I’m involved in Warren college student council, warren orientation leader. I enjoy creating a community for everyone to have fun and learn. I have strong interest in economics and its application in solving environmental problems. Recently I started a gardening club that promotes sustainability in an inclusive community setting. Feel free to talk to me about your interests and I’m always here for you!




Warren College | Bioengineering

I am a Sophomore majoring in Bioengineering. I’m from a small town in New England that experiences all 4 seasons. Outside of class, I enjoy photography and doing aerial silks at Main Gym in Muir. After undergrad, I hope to go to graduate school on the east coast.




Revelle College | Computer Science and Economics

I am Jiaxin from Nanjing, China. I love traveling and cooking. My goal is to graduate on time! 




Revelle College | Management Science

Hello, my name is Joseph and I am a 2nd year Bio: Ecology, Behavioral, and Evolutionary Sciences major in Revelle! I am currently striving to become a high school AP Biology teacher, something that I’ve been wanting for most of my life. When I’m not learning about the chloroplast, the REAL powerhouse of the cell, I’m usually watching my favorite show- The Good Place, looking at shoes, or playing Smash Ultimate. Although teaching is my biggest goal, my other goals include eating a whole Vallarta’s Christian Fries by myself and becoming the next Ronnie Coleman.



Jeffrey A.

Warren College | Chemical Engineering

Hey everyone, my name is Jeffrey and I’m excited to be an SI leader for another quarter! I grew up in Eastvale, California and in my free time I like to cook. I also love to play basketball—my favorite player is Rajon Rondo. Hope to see you at my sessions!



Joshua C.

Eleanor Roosevelt College | Management Science

Hi! My name is Joshua and I am from a small city in California called Covina. I always live off of one of my mom’s favorite words of wisdom, “Always better to be safe than sorry,” and it has led me this far.




Muir College | : Mathematics-Probability and Statistics & Cognitive Science-Machine Learning

I’m Junyi Guo from Beijing, China. I enjoy photography and swimming when I’m free. It’s my pleasure to help other students with mathematical problems in my sections. My goal is to work in the machine-learning field when I graduate.




Eleanor Roosevelt College | Junior | Joint Mathematics-Economics

Passionate about table tennis and Asian drama. I like taking up challenges and I always think that, it doesn’t matter what challenge I encounter, as long as I don’t give up and keep working on it, I will one day thrive.




Eleanor Roosevelt College | Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience

My name is Kaylee Bashor and I am a third year Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience major in Eleanor Roosevelt College. I am originally from Orange County, CA, and one of my biggest passions in life is singing. I have been an SI Leader for three quarters now, I currently work as a clinical research assistant in a Parkinson’s Disease lab, and I am the Founder and President of UCSD’s Neurodegenerative Disease Awareness Association. In my free time, I love to read, hang out with friends, and get Pizookies at BJ’s! After I graduate, I hope to pursue either my master’s and/or PhD in Neuroscience, and decide on a career once I get there. 




Revelle College | Probability and Statistics

I came from a city in the central of China. And I love Manga and watching animation. I am happy that I can help others with math in SI session.





Revelle College | Mechanical Engineering

My name is Kelly, and I am a third year mechanical engineering major in Revelle college.  I’m from Rancho Palos Verdes and hope to work somewhere within the engineering field in the future.  In my free time, I love to dance, watch Netflix, and hang out with my friends.




Warren College | Bioengineering: Biotechnology

I am a sophomore at UCSD majoring in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. I’ve lived in the same house in Orange County for my whole life before moving to UCSD. Besides SI and classes, I’m heavily involved in the Biomedical Engineering Society. You can also catch me longboarding or playing my Switch in random places around campus.




Warren College | Biochemistry and Cell Biology & Applied Mathematics Major, Economics Minor

Hello! My name is Linyu, and I am from Hangzhou, China. I am excited to become an SI leader and to help students learn math! In my free time, I like collecting and making emojis of cats. After graduation, I plan to get a PhD degree in biostatistics.




Eleanor RooseveltCollege | Applied Mathematics and Economics

Madeline is currently a senior from Eleanor Roosevelt College, studying Applied Mathematics and Economics. She’s originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to Orange County, California, in 2009. Post-grad, she hopes to become to an Associate Actuary so you can find her studying for actuarial exams in her free time.




Warren College | Electrical Engineering

Hey! My name is Mariano and I’m originally from Lima, Peru. My main areas of interest lie in communication theory and machine learning, and hope to one day play a role in the creation of the next mobile communication standard. My hobbies include playing guitar, reading philosophy and doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!




Marshall College | Applied Mathematics Major, Economics Minor

Hi! My name is Meg and I am a third year, studying Applied Mathematics with a minor in Economics. I am passionate about math, food, naps, and (most importantly) dogs.




Marshall College | Biochemistry/Cell Biology

My name is Michael Lin and I am a 4th year in Marshall College majoring in Biochem/Cell Bio and minoring in Film Production. Aside from my academic pursuits of trying to become a doctor – I’ve been using photography/video, music, and skateboarding as creative outlets for most of my life and recently started an club called FLICK at UCSD to help bring creatives together to foster social/creative release in the form of art-making in a collaborative space. I love meeting new people and seeing differing perspectives on life and culture.




Revelle College | Third-year Transfer | Neuroscience and Physiology

Hello, I’m a transfer from El Camino College and my ultimate goal is to become a professor of biology at a community college. I’ve been a private tutor, volunteered for Schools on Wheels and been an SI leader for over 7 semesters/quarters. I’m really into neuroscience because the brain is such a mystery to us and I would love to decipher and start to understand how it really works. The reason why I enjoy being an SI leader so much is because I love seeing that light bulb moment when I see students understand the material and I’ll do my best to make sure everyone gets to experience it.




Warren College | Mathematics

Hello there, my name is Nick, and I’m a third year math major! I grew up in Garland, Texas before moving to San Diego for my junior year of high school. On my downtime, I enjoy drawing and writing – though the products of both of these activities usually end up being an exercise in silliness. I’m thinking of maybe becoming a math teacher some day, but ultimately, I’m still figuring out what I want to do. I hope that whatever I do, I enjoy myself and help people along the way.




Revelle College | Environmental Engineering

I’m a San Diego local who enjoys doing things that make my heart race, like: riding roller coasters, eating spicy foods, hiking up mountains and thinking about the future of the environment. As an environmental engineer, I hope to decrease this concern about the environment’s future; meanwhile, I’m glad to be a part of TLC to help students with math or chemistry.




Warren College | Mathematics – Computer Science

Hey! I’m Pratyusha and I’m a 4th year student from the Bay Area majoring in Math-CS and minoring in Econ. When I’m not busy with school and work, I’m either relaxing on the beach with tapas, or playing music with my friends. I’m currently working as an Analytics Intern for a life insurance company, and I love seeing how the subjects I’m taking classes in interact in the real world. After graduating I plan on attending graduate school for Applied Analytics and then working for a consulting firm!




Sixth College | Computer Science Major, Mathematics and Business Minors

Hey! I am an international student from Russia. My main interests are video games, soccer, cooking and anime.  After graduating I am planning to work as a Software Engineer and maybe go to grad school some day.




Revelle College | Joint Mathematics-Economics

I am pursuing a joint major in Mathematics & Economics, as well as a minor in Business. I belong to Revelle College. I’m now a Senior. I come from Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. My interests outside of school include traveling, cooking, oil painting, etc. After graduating from UCSD, I plan to go to graduate school and want to major in financial engineering or financial economics.




Muir College | Aerospace Engineering Major and Math Minor

Hello, my name is Tianyi Zhang. I come from Shanghai, China and I am a third year Aerospace Engineering major/ Math Minor student from Muir College. I love cooking, baking, learning new languages, playing basketball and tennis in my free time. I also participate in autonomous vehicle and robotic design activities on campus.




Revelle College | Mathematics – Pure

Hey there! I’m Tyler, and I transferred this year from Los Angeles Harbor College in Wilmington majoring in pure mathematics. I was a TA back in community college for Calculus 3, and I’m glad to be able to work as an SI leader for the foreseeable future. I’m really into video games and card games of all sorts, and I also really like to watch movies when I can. After graduating, I hope to get into grad school and then work in teaching mathematics to high schoolers/community college students.




Muir College | Molecular Biology

Hi everyone! My name is Zach and I was born and raised in Northern California. I enjoy a wide array of hobbies like music, hiking, video games, etc. One day I maybe hope to become a professor at a research university like UCSD, so I am very passionate about helping others learn.




Marshall College | Data Science

Hello. My name is Zijing Di and I come from China. I’m a second year student in Thurgood Marshall college, majoring in data science. I like watching anime and reading