Haptic Description

By Yoon Ji Shim

When I first got the description paper of an object, I could not guess the object because it was described in the first point of view that I needed some imagination. However, as I draw the picture of the description in my head, I could somehow see the shape of an object. Given that, Cynthia and I could guess the object right after reading the paper twice in which the object was a ring. After knowing what the object is, we read the description again to see if there is anything that we could improve or change.

Before shooting the video, we had about 3 times practice on making the hand motion. It was harder and time-consuming than I thought because hand motion had a limitation in describing some words. It was hard to describe the materials and some specific words in which we had to skip some. For example, the words metal, existence, and mother earth. However, we could use gesture to describe shapes such as circle and box shape, so we decided to focus on describing shape or function instead of materials. For instance, Cynthia made the hole with her finger and show the circling motion inside the hole to describe that the object is shaped in a circle with the infinite hole. Moreover, some description just requires us to follow the sentences. For example, Cynthia just showed the motion of feeling her palm of the hands to describe the sentence “feeling the edges”.

I really enjoyed the assignment because firstly it was fun and secondly it made me think of the details of the object. Given that, I could think deeply and critically why the object is designed in such a way, and its following functions. Moreover, I think the assignment was very artistic because we had to consider each descriptive words abstractly. Also, through this assignment, I learned how to put the subtitle in the video. After inserting the subtitle in my video, I realized subtitle actually help translating the motion and better understanding. If I have a chance next time, I would like to develop this assignment and do it again.

Lastly, I could use my new skill of inserting subtitle to my final project that I’m thinking to insert my new versioned subtitle into the film. Moreover, the haptic assignment taught me a way of communicating with people who have hardship in their hearing. Given that, I’m very interested in creating my own audio description of certain scenes of the film for my final project which will teach me another communication method for blind people. Through this project, I have a conviction to say that there are tons of ways to communicate with different people. Therefore, I learned that it is a designated circumstance and system that apart people from society.