Returning for a second volume, the Legacies Team proudly presents Celebration: an API Anthology! This time our book will be full of stories about APIs (Asian and Pacific voices) and what celebrating ourselves and our community means to us.

To be of Asian and Pacific descent can evoke countless feelings. There is so much to tell, so much to speak of, but not everything can be said all at once.

For this edition, we want to explore the theme of CELEBRATION.  

It can be the big things. 

The thundering sounds of lion dancers, making their way through a Lunar New Year’s Parade. The vivid dresses and striking suits of a young one’s coming of age ceremony. The stunning sight of a festival in full swing, colorful and bursting with life. Feasts for miles, cheers for days.

But it can also be the little things. 

The vibrant color red, draped around the house and the shoulders of our elders. The sound of roaring laughter with our family gatherings. The low tonal noises of our language. The smell of food that brings us home.The painful and pleasant feelings that connect us with each other.  

Celebration can mean many things to us. It can be celebrating the things that make us API or things that we celebrate as API. It can be both.

In the end, they might even be one and the same. 

Everyone celebrates. But not everyone celebrates like us. As Asian and Pacific.

Let’s show them how we do it.