I would first like to introduce myself and personally welcome you to your first quarter here at UCSD! My name is Claudia and I’m a third-year Human Biology Major with a minor in Political Science. I am originally from the 626 (bonus points if you know where that is!) or the LA area. I love my pupper to bits even though she’s not really a puppy anymore 🙁

Anyways, enough about me. My goal is to help you in whatever way possible and to learn as much about you along the way. I hope we have an amazing quarter getting to know one another as we all get accustomed to the crazy life that is college. Whether that may be a club, greek life or athletics, I hope you find your passion here at UCSD. I will be using this platform to get to know all of you, post my slides/resources and for anything else that I may find helpful in class! See you soon!

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