We’ve been working with a team of grad students from SDSU’s Learning Design and Technology dept to build some prefabricated projects to help UCSD instructors employ the DML and itsRead More →

Using Terrain2STL to create this huge 3d terrain map of the American West. We used a program called meshmixxer to cut the model up into 20 smaller tiles and printRead More →

This is so cool, it’s a webapp called Paintschainer which uses a neural net to color in images. Upload your uncolored outline and pop in some color seeds. It’ll expandRead More →

We’ve upgraded our older Makerbot 2s with heated build plates. It turns out the 2 and 2X share almost all hardware, so swapping these out was easy. Print warping wasRead More →

This is a model of an infant’s heart with Kawasaki syndrome, the surgeon (working with the Cardiac Research Group) wanted a model to show the parents and explain process. WeRead More →