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TDS Reading Group Winter Schedule

Please mark your calendars for the winter quarter meetings of the Transdisciplinary Disability Studies Reading Group! Please note that the times and details for some events are still tentative, and that we have listed a few other disability studies and disability studies adjacent events of interest not organized by this group. Reminders and suggested readings will be circulated just before each event. We are also open to other ideas, or facilitating scheduling for meetings related to long term disability studies programmatic planning. Please continue to use the TDS email list to circulate other announcements of interest!




Tuesday, January 17
TDS Reading Group Meeting
12-1pm, Location TBD
Transdisciplinary Disability Studies, Then and Now
Jen Marchisotto and Cassandra Hartblay
Suggested readings:
Davis, Lennard. Crips Strike Back, 1999.
Davidson, Michael. Cripping Consensus, 2016.


Tuesday, January 31
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Geisel Library, Seuss Room
“Pedagogies of Access in Mutable Configurations of Space and Interaction
Brian Goldfarb, Suzanne Stolz (USD), Louise Hickman


Thursday, Feb 23rd
TDS Reading Group Meeting (with special guest)
12:00pm Place TBA
Disability Studies & Deaf Studies: Intersections
Jeff Brune (Gallaudet), Deniz Ilkbasaran, Carol Padden, Michael Davidson
Suggested readings:


Saturday, March 11
TDS Reading Group Meeting
WELL (a play by TONY winner Lisa Kron) at the Diversionary Theatre
a 2pm performance of WELL and
post-show discussion with Laura Dorwart and Jason Dorwart
Group ticket details here




Tuesday, January 31
Other Event of Interest
11am-12:15 in Pepper Canyon Hall Room 340
Research Talk by Dr. Juliann Anesi (UC Berkeley)
“Decolonizing Schools: Disability Advocacy and Land in Samoa”


Tuesday, Feb 21st
Other Event of Interest
Psych-Med Anthropology Seminar
Research Talk by Dr. Cassandra Hartblay
“Disabling Rehabilitation: performing disability and therapeutic citizenship in Russia”
12-2pm  SSRB 331


March 7th
Other Event of Interest
Psych-Med Anthropology Seminar
Research Talk by Dr. Dredge Kang
“I’m Every Woman: Transsexual Womanhood, Therapeutic Citizenship, and Human Rights in Thailand”
12-2pm  SSRB 331


March 21th
Other Event of Interest
Research Talk by Dr. Mark Fleming
“Behind the Times: Work, Neoliberal Futures, and the Politics of Chronic Disease in San Francisco’s Transit System”
12-2pm  SSRB 331



April 13 & 14
Carpool to / Convene at UCLA “Disability as Spectacle” conference


Wednesday, April 19th, 1:30-3:00pm

Matthew Herbst, Lisa Porter, and Joanna Boval


Date TBA
Louise Hickman
Multiple Accesses


Date TBA
Amanda Cachia
Contemporary Art & Disability


Week of May 22 or 29th
Joe Stradmondo (SDSU)
Disability & Bioethics

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