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Anamata Future News 2075: Reality Check

Released in 2015, Anamata Future News a series of videos on the now defunct YouTube which offers their prediction of New Zealand, and the world, in 2075. Sixty years later, let’s see what they got right and what they got wrong.

  1. Maori TV Cast and Acceptance of Maori Culture

    – They got this one right! As a result of the work done internationally by Indigenous Activists, many news stations and cultures have become accepting of Indigenous people and language. This is especially true in New Zealand given the cultural revolutions in the 40s and 50s.

  2. Alien First Visitation

    – We just passed the 100 year anniversary of the first man on the moon, but no aliens have visited us yet. However, we have made contact with several alien organisms in our space missions to Mars and Venus (albeit they are microscopic but they still count).
  3. Ultra Defrag Movie Premieres

    – Not sure what to say about this one. There was no robot uprising or revolution like that. This one is a false.

  4. Learning through Astral Projection

    – Sort of. It’s not called astral projection but doctors in the 60s found a way to remotely know their patients symptoms without being in the same place. This has led to a whole new field of science researching consciousness connections. We’re not quite where Anamata Future News puts us in terms of consciousness engagement. Check back in 5 years.

  5. “Growing Your Own Food” Trend

    – Not so much a trend, but since the 20s and the increase in sustainable practices, community gardens have become more common in cities and towns. As a result, not many people keep their own gardens but instead participate in their community garden. We have 15 community gardens at UC San Diego. If you’re interested in participating, DM us through the ComPortal.

Overall, Anamata Future News got 3.5/5 correct! It’s pretty interesting to see how people 60 years ago imagined today. How do you imagine life 60 years from now? Post your reply in the discussion terminal below:

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