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I recently found myself conversing with a family member on the topic of illicit drug use. And since this interaction was of some interest, I thought it appropriate to write about it here in this forum. The crux of the issue was that they were concerned about the prevalence of harmful illegal drugs. Living in the country Canada, they thought the penalty for trafficking and using drugs was far too lenient, and that this ensures the continued prevalence of contraband. They proposed that harsher punishment would discourage these villains from their villainy. I greatly disagreed with this notion and told them such. I thought that we ought to learn from the mistakes of the past and realize that we must not be so quick to employ such drastic punishments. After all, it is unclear if such measures deter crime in the slightest. It would be a great shame if the only thing we did for victims of drug epidemics was to hang them. It is as is said on page 33 in the Discourse on Inequality, “great evils are often introduced in order to correct the lesser ones”. We must be conscious of the various effects that our laws much have.

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  1. You had a fascinating title. Well I kind of agree with you that we shouldn’t go as far as hanging people for drug use. But I think there should be strict rules and regulations set. I am a fan of what California is doing. They are treating marijuana as liquor. You need to be a certain age to buy marijuana. I think that rule is fine for marijuana but when it comes to other more addictive drugs, there should be harsher punishment for people that distribute those drugs illegally. And there should be help centers for people that are addicted to those more harmful drugs. I remember reading about a program a while back. This program would give anyone clean needles in exchange of dirty ones. There goal wasn’t to stop drug use. It was to ensure that people who are addicted to drugs can do them with sanitary equipment, so they don’t end up with diseases.

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