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Kant believes that happiness is the satisfaction of all desires. And, virtue is the capacity to act morally. Also, reason (and duty) has priority over desires. Finally, highest good subordinates happiness to virtue.

I believe it is true that happiness is the satisfaction of all desires. I believe once a person has their desires fulfilled, they are still not happy. Because most people desire for more. I love this song by J. Cole because he talks about happiness and desires. He talks in the song how there is always going to be a better car, a bigger house, and better things. But, a person can’t be happy until they appreciate the things they have and the relationships they have formed.

I don’t think people are born with good moral standards. I think they formed by the environment people grow up in. I think good moral standards are just as important as happiness. Good moral standards enable you to maintain relationships with others. Good moral standards means a person wouldn’t wrong another person, which would help others have more trust in that person. More trust would result in a better relationship which would result in more happiness.

Side note: I think if someone feels that they are not enlightened. I think this is not because they are lazy, instead I think this is the case because they are not distracted. They haven’t taken the time to step away from all the distractions and think.

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  1. Fateh Shandu,
    Hey I’m a little bit confused on your position because you say that people are happy once they satisfy all their desires but then the next sentence say that their desires may be fulfilled but they are still not happy. I agree with you on the sentiment that people will be happy once they learn to be content with what they have, so is that what you mean by having your desires satisfied?
    Also, I do disagree on the fact that people are not born morally good, because to the same extent of your argument their morals are determined by the product of their environment. Although, if you look at children, in general they are curious their actions have no bad intentions and they tend to be frendlier towards other than adults do. So maybe kids are either born with no morals or they are born with good morals but their environment or trauma has caused a sway towards bad morals? Just some food for thought

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