Is Constitution Designed for a Federal or Anti-Federal Government?

This picture, in my opinion, represents the whole sense of conflict that you are able to see in the constitution itself and the process of making the constitution. In one way the formation of Untied States of America is to defend the people against the power of the tyranny and to provide people with necessary freedom. However, the formation of the constitution comes from the fact that the original article of confederation does not provide enough power for the government. Therefore, even though most people tend to argue that constitution is the model of modern political philosophy. Many other people nowadays are raising the question, that the liberalism that America declared at the time, is not coherent with the ideology of liberty.

My question then is: If the constitution does not fully reflect the political liberalism rising at that time. What does?

2 thoughts on “Is Constitution Designed for a Federal or Anti-Federal Government?

  1. I agree with you completely. There is always something selfish to see in the politics of the greatest of nations or empires, despite the forward ideas they attempt to push to the forefront. I think the purpose is to lull the people into a state of contentment, where they are okay with the way things are going and lack the foresight to see the implications of power distributions because they believe the individual will have more power. Ultimately, this power of the individual is not enough but it becomes far too late to realize this after society is able to progress under a flawed government.

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