the abuse of freedom of speech

The first Amendment of the United States says that we have freedom of speech. But I feel like the freedom of press abuses this power because it gives different views to people towards how to view the government, the world, their lives. Which is why there’s mixed feelings with the press. The press lies and tries to influence you to think that the government is doing the right thing. Free all have free will, and we all have different perspectives in different things. The media should give their viewers information that is true, and something that doesn’t tell them to do something or not. Is the government telling the media to say lies to the public?

2 thoughts on “the abuse of freedom of speech

  1. Hello, I believe it’s not the media directly lying to the public but more like, the media wanting to push their beliefs onto us. A clear example of this event occurring was during the release of the movie “Joker”. At first, they warned people about the movie inspiring mass shooters and when nothing happened, they pushed the narrative to a racial issue. It seems as if media companies would do anything to save face on their agendas rather than to admit their mistakes.

  2. I also agree with Michael that I do not think the media necessarily “lies” to us, it just has an agenda that it wants to push. At the end of the day, the news acts as any another television show that tries to capture the audience and maintain a high number of viewers, so they pick and choose compelling stories and skew them to make it more interesting to gain the largest audience possible.

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