How to comment well

Your comments must:

  1. Address the poster by name
  2. Say more than “I agree or I disagree.” The comment must bring something new to the table. After pointing out something specific in the post, you must add something to the conversation. If you agree or disagree, what are further implications of your position that could be explored? What evidence do you have to support your position? 

Sample comment template:

  • You made some good points here, such as _____________.  I agree with them because ______________.
  • I disagree with the point you made about _____________.  The reason I disagree is _________.
  • This post made me realize that _____________.  Why it made me realize this is _________.
  • A point about this you may want to think about is _____________.  The reason you may want to think about it is because _____________.

Source: (crazyteacherlady )