HW Week 7: Picture Response

For this week, everyone in the class will compose one post (a picture response) and one comment. The post is due Wednesday at midnight and the comment is due by the time class meets on Friday.

The post: PICTURE RESPONSE (due Wednesday at midnight)

  • Take a picture that speaks to one or more of the themes of this week’s reading
  • Post the picture in the blog, followed by a brief response in which you explain how the image relates to the reading
  • Ask one question for further discussion (relevant to the themes you addressed)

***Please go deeper than a picture that represents America generally; take a picture that speaks to the specific concepts and philosophy espoused in the documents.

Your post must: have a clever title, include three tags, and be categorized for week 7.

It can address any of these texts:

  • *”Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen,”
  • The Declaration of Independence (1777)
  • US Constitution (1787/91) )

The comment (due before class meets)

  • Comment on one of your peer’s posts, abiding by the guidelines outlined in the “how to comment well” tab