The Wild, Wild, Web

The Wild, Wild, Web

Reading both Gillard’s and the Manifesto, I was drawn to the concept of changing the web and seeking ways to understand the new consequences. Growing up alongside the advancement of technology, I was not aware of how much became obsolete and how much became valuable. The idea of information and knowledge at the tip of our fingers is an incredible feat but it’s now normalized to many that have access.

Gillard’s words of “surveillance capitalism” puts into perspective the frightening ability of the web to dictate our lives beyond our control. The ability to capitalize on what we simply search and look for is dangerous but even more so in the hands of educators. It creates a widening divide between education that reaches across social and economic status. The powerful concept that we don’t have control over the information we put out onto the web is alarming but made even more so by how we fail to recognize it or grow apathetic to it. If we keep accepting things like “surveillance capitalism” and “digital red lining,” our new reality can be become very dangerous.

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  1. I agree with you 100% if we do not do something now, our reality could definitely be warped to something terrible, and this cannot happen because the internet is an incredible tool that should be used to inform and improve people not to suppress them

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