After reading Working in Public I’ve decided I’m now incredibly interested in the concept of open access scholarship, and what it can do for not only institutions that don’t have the means to access a wealth of databases like the University of California system does, but also for the education of the general public. (I’m currently questioning if my increasing enthusiasm for each subject we look into is a reflection on my “sheep”ness or Erin’s ability to find interesting topics I just so happen to really like.) To my understanding, academics, and particularly higher education, was built on elitism, specifically in class and race. It isRead More →

After reading “The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0” and “Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms” i can admit to being filled with excitement by the possibilities a collaboration between the humanities and technology presents, and filled with dread, anger, and a healthy amount of loathing for the parasitic pervasiveness of capitalism to get me to finally read Das Kapital and/or The Communist Manifesto. @Capitalism: Look what you made me do. My current interests/questions/fears include… How do we fight against the internet as a medium for information capitalism? Can it be restructured or does it have to be destroyed and rebuilt? Perhaps, as Chris Gilliard says, the internet isn’tRead More →

(gender pronouns: she/her/hers) Kelly Clemen is a third-year undergraduate student at UC San Diego, majoring in Literature/Cultural Studies and planning to minor in Ethnic Studies. She was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society at Miramar College, and was a SDCCD PATH mentee and 2018 PATH Academy student. Her current endeavors include balancing education and work, as well as finding a place for herself in this new world of education. Kelly is excited to learn more about the digital humanities and the impacts of this technology on higher education.Read More →