After reading Manifesto and Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms, I have a deeper understanding of the problem and have lived through the transformation from, “no internet” to now and comprehend that we are now global at our fingertips giving us access to more facts in nano seconds. The world wide web is the way of the future and there is no stopping it, so finding a way to navigate through all this information is crucial and takes patience. Solving problems with humanities and art is a good start to a global issue. I am excited to see what we can come up with as a groupRead More →

Shel Savage is a transfer student making this her “third year” at UC San Diego studying Art History as a Major and Minor in Film Production. Her interests in history and technology have led her to the KNIT R & D platform to research and develop ideas. Also to curate making KNIT a platform, that is to easy to navigate. This will be done creatively with research and collaboration with a team of students dedicated to the humanities.Read More →