The Digital Humanities Manifesto reminded me a lot of the DIY manifestos that arose in feminist punk groups in the 90’s. Both are community-focused, transformative, creative and revolutionary. Although I don’t know a lot of the tech lingo, and I wouldn’t even know where to start with personally taking back the internet, I am all about taking power away from mass corporations and giving it back to normal people, especially children! I also found Chris Gilliard’s “Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms” extremely interesting because I had no idea that red lining extended to media. I always knew there was disproportionate representation and technological literacyRead More →

The unbridled advance into the arms of technological dependence may prove to be the swansong of our society. In hindsight, we realize that, while we were enjoying and exploring our newfound freedoms within the digital dimensions, nefarious corporations, special interest groups and power-crazed government agencies were sowing the seeds of what Chris Gilliard describes in Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms as “Web 2.0”. We can safely assume that many of the figureheads who would have us believe we missed our chance to alter course, thereby leaving us no choice but to accept the status quo, hope to secure their vested interests by keeping things as theyRead More →

To be frank, I have never met a single person who had never pirated anything, and when you talk to them they will admit it point blank, but professionally we have never done it or even come close with it, because to admit it will be to admit you commited a crime, and we all read those FBI messages before our DVD started. Piracy has been angrily criticized, and with just cause, but what if stealing had its merits. Imagine you live on an island cut off from the outside world, an island where information is filtered, censored, or down right blocked. That is theRead More →

Hannah is a third-year transfer student at UCSD and a former SDCCD PATH mentee. She is pursuing a B.A. in Literature/Cultural Studies with a minor in Education, and has dreams of becoming a writer, high school English teacher and community activist. She was a part of the Honors Program at San Diego City College and plans on joining the Honors Society at UCSD. She is excited to learn more about technology and the different ways schools and communities can use it to their advantage.Read More →