About Legacies

Legacies started as a way to tell stories from Asian American creators. It evolved from a simple idea to a small team that gave birth to their first volume. Brought to life by an extraordinary community of supporters, the Legacies anthology is a 176-page book full of short comics, full-sized illustrations, and written pieces. Some are gutting…

I could give him my life, I thought. Use my future as my token of gratitude for his sacrifice, feeling that it was my duty as his daughter to at least give him this. I would bring home every achievement I thought he could yearn for and hoped he would one day be satisfied.”

– Stephanie Tran Rojas

some are beautiful…

—and you, the 
between them:
a paradox inherent,
only ever close enough to 
touch either shore,
(a body of water by grace only)
churning with the runoff 
tears of both.”

– Danielle Du

All of them, we find, are full of heart.

These stories come from the very fabric of our souls, the pieces of our identity, and the truths we refuse to hide. These are our stories, our legacies, and our celebrations of who we are.

Our next volume will include voices from the Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Through joy and sorrow, our stories will continue to be told. We hope you look forward to them!

Let’s Celebrate!