The need for anti-racism, inclusion, equity, and diversity in linguistics has always existed and this site serves to make addressing that need more accessible and doable.

Where to begin

If you are new to redesigning your course(s) through an anti-racist and inclusive lens, you can begin with First Steps that includes information about anti-racist pedagogy, necessary topics to include in every linguistics course, and guiding questions for designing a course. You can also peruse some of the Case Studies that include how the course was designed and what worked for the instructor.

The rest of the website is designed to take you through the stages of any course design with suggestions, advice, resources, and concrete actions related to anti-racism and social justice at every step of the way, whether you are determining Course Content, creating or finalizing your Syllabus Design, or working on elements During Your Course. All submenus are organized in alphabetical order to prevent any one topic from being perceived as more or less important than another.

You can also search directly for specific resources in the resource database which contains all of the resources suggested and used within the website, plus many more, organized by searchable tags.