Translations of Non-Mingshi Texts

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Gu Yanwu (1613–1682), Disquisitions on the Imperial System (Junxian lun; ca.1670s), translated and introduced by Miranda Brown is available here. (C) Miranda Brown.   In Miranda Brown,“Returning the Gaze: An Experiment in Reviving Gu Yanwu (1613–1682),” in Fragments: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Ancient and Medieval Pasts 1 (2011).
The article is available in full at this link.

Johannes L. Kurz, “Two Early Ming Texts on Borneo,” Ming Studies 70 (2015): 60-72 has translations of an account by Song Lian of an 1371 Ming embassy to Borneo and a 1408 epitaph by Hu Guang for the Borneo king who died while visiting the Yongle court.

A list of translated, published Ming poems is available here.

Biography of Hong Chengchou, from the Draft Qing History. Translated by Tangming Li and two other UCSD students and used here by their permission, 2015, licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 US license.

Blog on Ming Taizu’s Huangling Stele, by Laurie Dennis.

An account of Fang Keqin’s life by Fang Xiaoru, translated by Sarah Schneewind.

Collected Statutes of Great Ming (Da Ming huidian), chapter 20. Translated and contributed by Leif Littrup, 2017, and licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 US license.

Ge Shouli, “Memorial concerning easing the burden of peasants,” 1567. Translated and contributed by Leif Littrup, 2017, licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 US license.

Translations from some earlier (medieval) dynastic histories, compiled by Wen-yi Huang, are available here:

Wang Yangming’s Records of Instruction for Practice Vol. III, Huang Yifang’s Records 王陽明傳習錄卷下黃以方錄, translated by George L. Israel: