Letter to the reader…

Its the year 3077, a society in which music has evolved with the trends set by its people and the different struggles in their daily lives. Today in the United States of the World, ┬áthe ownership and control of the means of production and distribution is part of the workers’ unions. comprising a national Syndicalist society. A worker today, is protected under their union which assesses the needs of its members regularly to guarantee they are payed and offered the best benefits possible. There is no owner or anybody at the top of the chair but rather several members that assess the need of the company they work for, which then work to plan and strategize the best course of action for the company they represent. this includes taking into consideration the working conditions of the labor force. At the end of every calendar year, profits are divided and reinvested into the company.

I am a college student at the moment, pursuing a music career at Uc San Diego. My name is Jhonny Starr, and i come from a long line of musicians that date back to the times of 2022. Looking back on my family’s history, I noticed the many difference in society and the music industry. The style in music and how it has evolved to this point today.

Music is created through the use of electronic components that have lasted for a few centuries now. It has been incorporated to the sound of classic 21st century instruments like guitars and batteries and adapted to the sounds and rhythms society has developed to this day. It is then transmitted to each persons own body devices attached in the back of their minds, allowing for the enjoyment of music through their favorite streaming platform. the way it works is that the profits of the song are divided among all the creators of the song. From the writer, to the artist who interprets it, and even the people of production receive their share.

Engaging with music today is as important as it was back in 2022. There is still that need to use it when doing something, whether it be studying, walking, exercising or working. It is soul connecting, although we are so advanced in technology to the point where it is part of our bodies and person. Music still helps to bring us back to a sense of reality and humanity. Music is an important factor to the environment of every existing city today. They styles and the genres created and used in each city around the US today, defines it and makes it recognizable for anyone coming into the city.


Boom boom shake da boom-boom-boom!

Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about chips with a smile,
Curved lips I just can’t disguise.
But I think it’s glasses making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Glasses or…

– Robert Rainblew

The lyrics of today’s son are composed about a lot of self reflection, talking about their daily lives and things that define them. some of them romanticize their lives into a song if they are not comfortable with what they have or have to endure. Some other people like to share in that way what they do in their lives and how they spend their time. Which is not as far from what it was back in 2022. it was more about anything but today it mainly focuses on the person and what they want to say about their lives.


The type of way that music is produced in todays day is very similar to this artist of 2022 way of doing music. In today’s music industry, artist and composer come together to create something and record it on the spot. There is a lot of improvisation along with play with the mix and the interpretation of the lyric. it does require that everyone is into the song rather than just there. This way of doing music allows for independence of the singer and producer. There is no label trying to take its share, and distribution of music is easier when there is so many streaming platforms looking to have your music. The earnings go straight back to those who worked on the song rather than a big record label like in 2022.

MEDIA ARTIFACT #3: imagery

This is me in one of my concerts in a public stage where I performed one of my first music albums. At this time, we still have concerts and look to express our music with the imagery of the stage. My album was about the past, my family, hence the outfit, the glasses and the rock genre embedded into the songs I played that day.

ARTIFACT: the industry

The main idea of this society is to avoid having a big brother type of corporation looking to profit for a few. Society change that to make it as free as possible for anyone to be successful. Those who are is because they have worked and helped one another to grow. those who don’t become successful is merely because they don’t want to.