About Me

Hi, I’m Nora Yagolnitser, I’m from the Bay Area, and I’m a senior studying developmental psychology with a minor in creative writing. This is actually only my third year, but I’ll be graduating after spring quarter, so if you’re considering a three-year finish, feel free to ask me all your questions! I’d also love to talk about psychology, the literature department, or anything else you want to ask me! As a little about me, I’m a writer, an older sister to five little siblings, and a master of procrastination. 🙂 On campus, I’m a fiction writer for Revelle’s lit magazine Revellations, an opinion writer for The Triton, a principal member of two Jewish student organizations, and a past tutor with EdCorps. In my first quarter at UCSD, I took the FYE course and learned a lot about the resources we have available to us on this campus. They’re squeezing $30,000/year out of us, so we may as well take advantage of all the cool opportunities the university offers! One of them is this class. I want to make this room an oasis for you all this quarter, a place where you can come both to relax from the stress of your other classes and to get the tools you need to succeed going forward. This is your chance to find study buddies, connect with campus resources, and ask for anything with which you’d like advice or help. Like I said, if you’re paying for it, you may as well make the most of it! I’m excited to meet you all and to hear what you’re hoping to gain from this class.