Transfer Student Spotlight: Mike Lowenhaupt

Mike Lowenhaupt, UC San Diego Class of 2018

Name: Mike Lowenhaupt

Community College: San Diego Mesa Community College

UC San Diego College: Muir College

Major: Literature/Writing

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

The best advice I can give to those looking to transfer is that you need to complete IGETC, talk to your transfer advisors regularly, take advantage of resources at the transfer center, and get in contact with the college(s) you’re interested in.

What was the hardest part of transferring?

The hardest part of transferring for me was actually convincing myself that I had a chance at transferring to a college like UC San Diego. Growing up, I always heard that you couldn’t get into a university without a high school diploma, which I didn’t have. However, with some hard work and the resources available to me at Mesa, I was more than qualified to transfer.

What tips would you tell future students about the UC San Diego campus?

If you’re going to be a future student at UC San Diego, make sure to explore the campus before your first day of class; it’s really big and if you don’t know where you’re going you’re going to be late. Also, you might want to get a bike, a scooter, or even just a better appreciation for jogging to help you get around campus.

What resource on campus have you used the most?

The resource I’ve used the most at UC San Diego is the library. Whether it’s finding a place to study, working on the computer, or even doing research in the Mandeville Special Collections & Archive, Geisel Library offers plenty of valuable assets for students.

What is your career goal?

My overall career goal is to teach literature and creative writing at the college level.

When you are not in the classroom, what are you usually doing?

When I’m not in class, or doing homework, I keep active with a number of activities: kickboxing, fencing, kayaking, carpentry, drawing, writing, or just relaxing with a good book.

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