Transfer Student Spotlight: Andrew Powers

Andrew Powers, UC San Diego Class of 2018

Name: Andrew Powers

Community College: San Diego City College

UC San Diego College: Warren

Major: Literature/Writing

What was the hardest part of transferring?

The hardest part about transferring, for me, was dealing with all of the stress involving applications, their fees, and their due dates. Juggling my work life with school was already a challenge when attending community college, and adding transfer applications and essays into the mix really put me into a crazy spot where I felt like I never had enough time. It was a difficult period of my life that really paid off in the long run, so I am glad I persisted and never gave up.

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

The advice that I would give transfers who are currently at community college would be to remain calm and to keep a positive attitude. I would also want them to know that they should be proud of who they are, what their history is, and where they come from. There might be moments when we feel like we are intruding on someone else’s campus, especially if we ever considered our community college a second home, but we need to treat UC San Diego like it is another one of our homes. Even if we were not a part of freshman orientation, we still have earned our right to attend such a beautiful and respected campus. We need to remind ourselves of that, and we need to remember to be proud.

What tips would you tell future students about the UC San Diego campus?

Parking is expensive. If you don’t mind the hustle, park in a neighborhood for free. Just remember that it is free for only two hours, so you might have to move your car in between classes. But it saves money and helps you not skip leg day.

What are your next steps after graduation?

I was recently accepted into San Diego State University’s Masters of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing. While obtaining that degree, I will either continue working as a Supplemental Instructor and Tutoring Trainer at San Diego City College or begin teaching classes in SDSU’s academic writing program.

What is your career goal?

My career goal is to become an English professor at San Diego City College. This is my overall dream because I cannot think of any other occupation where I can be myself, talk about the things I love, and help people who want to make a difference every single day.

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