Transfer Student Spotlight: Tyler Faurot

Tyler Faurot, 2017 PATH Summer Academy Attendee

Name: Tyler Faurot

UC San Diego College: Marshall

Community College College: San Diego Miramar College

Major: Literatures in English

What was the hardest part of transferring?

Getting used to the UC system.

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

If you can, take language courses BEFORE coming to UC San Diego. It will make life much easier on you.

How has the PATH program helped you?

I feel more comfortable on campus than I would have. I know more people, I know where everything is, and I can more easily navigate the system.

What was your favorite part of the PATH program?

Tyler Faurot, Aaron Valdivia, Reggie Reyes, and Veronica Arredondo (front) at Sun God Lounge during the campus scavenger hunt, one of PATH’s social events.

Friends and food.

What was the hardest part of the PATH program?

Having to go to work on the weekends.

What has been your experience as a transfer student at UC San Diego?

So far, I love my major courses. I’ve been able to get involved with the school’s newspaper, the UC San Diego Guardian, and have become an editorial assistant. I am, however, struggling with my language requirements.

What is your career goal? Why did you choose UC San Diego?

Either teaching, journalism or law. I chose UC San Diego because I knew people in the humanities program.

When you are not in the classroom, what are you usually doing?

Studying or working. School is expensive.

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