Transfer Student Spotlight: Sajjad Naseri

Sajjad Naseri, 2017 PATH Summer Academy Attendee & 2018 Mentor

Name: Sajjad Naseri

UC San Diego College: Sixth College

SDCCD College: San Diego Mesa College

Major: Literatures in English

Minor: Linguistics

What was the hardest part of transferring?

Making sure I had all my English requirements for transferring with IGETC. English is my fourth language and when I immigrated to the United States, I didn’t know any English. Then, I decided to take all the English classes that Mesa College offers. I ended up taking 25 English classes and many other classes to obtain a degree.

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

When I was a student at Mesa College, I talked to many of my professors about the best university to which I should apply. Almost all of my professors recommended UC San Diego to me for three reasons. First, UC San Diego is considered a research university and has many useful resources for all students. Second, some of my professors at Mesa College also taught at UC San Diego and were familiar with the campus. Third, I consider San Diego my home and I really don’t want to leave this amazing city.

Why did you join PATH?

Right after my graduation from Mesa College, I received an email from the Literature Department at UC San Diego about the Summer PATH Academy. I wanted to challenge myself and discover the feeling of being a student at a four-year university.

Sajjad Naseri and Hannah Quinto at a Career Center workshop during the PATH program.

How has the PATH program helped you?

It was an amazing experience. Through the five-week PATH Academy, I learned so much about the campus, classes, resources, and I met intelligent people.

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