Transfer Student Spotlight: Kimberly Novobilsky

Name: Kimberly Novobilsky

SDCCD College: San Diego Mesa College

Major: French Literature and Russian Linguistics

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

I would say to be positive about the transition change. Keep up with the homework, have a schedule each week, and give some time for yourself. The work can be time consuming, but I learned that when the stress interferes with your learning, it’s best to stop and take some time for yourself. More over, go at a pace that you are comfortable with and accept challenges you are willing to work at rather than forcing it upon yourself.

What was your biggest fear about transferring to UC San Diego?

Probably staying motivated and dealing with potential negative experiences or competition.

What part of your transition was most difficult?

The hardest part of transition to UCSD was trying to avoid being consumed by my competitive personality and staying positive about my learning skills.

Why choose the PATH Program?

I was introduced to the PATH program from a flyer I got from one of my past professors. My professor told me it was a good opportunity to sign up because I had gotten involved so much in my career choice in community college. When I saw the PATH flyer I thought it be a good moment to apply and change my more negative perspective. Since I did not know where to start, this program was a good choice to start with and experience what it is like in the humanities program at UCSD.

How has the PATH program helped you?

Well, it did introduced new programs offered on campus that were beneficial for me. Also, it made me get comfortable with the quarter system.

What was the most difficult part of the PATH Program for you?

I don’t think I had any difficult moment in the program. Most of my schedule worked around having early classes and focusing on my work.

What UC San Diego resources do you find yourself using the most?

The Career Center!

What tips would you give future students about the UC San Diego campus?

For those that are already transferring to UCSD, just keep the work you are doing from community college. I feel the things we learned from community college can be useful for transferring to UCSD. Also, prioritize your well-being over the whims of others.

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