Transfer Student Spotlight: Michelle Le

Michelle Le, 2018 PATH Program Participant

Name: Michelle Le

SDCCD College: San Diego Miramar College

Major: History, Ethnic Studies minor

What advice would you give to transfers who are currently at community college?

Check in with your counselor, all of them. They’re here to help you. I hounded them constantly and in the end, probably visited them 15 times. You need them.

Why Choose UC San Diego?

Because the resources and the opportunities the university offers will help you in your career and your life. And the people are fun, really fun and inspiring. You can’t find a better place for the Arts and Humanities.

What was your biggest fear about transferring to UC San Diego?

I worry about everything. But what I was worried the most about was the quarter system. Everyone bemoans about the system like it’s a soul sucking monster, which to be fair, sounds like school. In the end, as long as you get on top of things and don’t procrastinate too badly, you’ll be fine.

What part of your transition was most difficult?

My transition to UCSD was smooth for the most part. The most difficult part was getting my transcripts in order but I hassled the office to make sure everything went right. Just do that and you’ll be fine.

Why choose the PATH Program?

Because the PATH programs opens so many doors that you end up trying to shut some because your schedule doesn’t fit. They are amazing and passionate and they will help you fix your life. The program also gives you a community that you can always turn to.

How has the PATH program helped you?

They helped me a lot with navigating the school and all the resources the school offered.

What was the most difficult part of the PATH Program for you?

The most difficult part of the program was making sure I attended all the events. I’m not going to lie, I am a hermit. Lugging myself out of bed for the events was hard but they were fun.

What UC San Diego Resources do you find yourself using the most?

The Library!

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