Eligibility & Applying


The PATH Summer Academy is for students who are:

  1. Accepted into UC San Diego and submitting their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to UC San Diego 
  2. Transferring from San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College, or San Diego Miramar College
  3. Majoring in Arts & Humanities. Unfortunately, minors are not eligible.

Eligible Majors 

While history is considered a social science at SDCCD, it is a humanities major at UC San Diego.

For information on applying to transfer to UC San Diego, CLICK HERE.


The PATH Summer Academy admits between 20-35 transfer students that meet the eligibility. The deadline to apply is June 3rd, 2019.

Before students can apply to PATH, they must:

1). Accept the offer of admission from UC San Diego
2) Submit the SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) by June 1st
3). Wait 3 business days and go to tritonchecklist.ucsd.edu
4). Click “First Time User” link on the right hand side of the UserID box. You will be asked to provide your UC Application ID, Date of Birth, City of Birth and e-mail address used on your application.
5). Once you are authenticated, you will be provided with your PID (student ID number) and the ability to create a password. Use this information to log-in to the common application to apply to the PATH Summer Academy.


Go to https://summersession.ucsd.edu/success/common-application.html

  1. Sign on as a Student SSO using your Single Sign-On User ID/PID and password 
  2. Click on PATH Summer Academy checkbox.
  3. Complete Application

The application includes the below short answer questions:
  1. Which SDCCD college would you consider your home campus? At which SDCCD college have you taken the most units at? Have you taken honors classes at SDCCD, if yes, what classes? 
  2. Tell us your story (300 words or fewer)
  3. What factors contributed to your decision to choose UC San Diego over another institution? (200 words or fewer)
  4. Provide the name, title and contact information for a faculty you have worked with at SDCCD. Include a sentence or two explaining how you know this person.


Students will be notified of acceptance to the Academy in the beginning of June 2019. Paperwork will need to be completed immediately after acceptance to meet Summer Session deadlines.


If you are a student with a disability (physical, chronic health, learning, mental health, ADHD, etc.) who may need accommodations in classrooms (lecture and/or examination), labs, housing and/or dining, recreational activities such as hiking, ropes, field sports, etc., please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at 858.534.4382 as soon as you become aware that the condition may impact your ability to participate in our programs.

Additional information may be found at https://disabilities.ucsd.edu/about/index.html.

Veteran/CalVet Education Benefits

If you are a Military Affiliated student receiving Federal Veteran Affairs (VA) or Cal Vet assistance during the summer and would like to request more information, please contact the Student Veteran Benefits Coordinator,  Lisa Linares at (858) 534-0477 or by email at llinares@ucsd.edu.

For more information please visit: https://students.ucsd.edu/finances/financial-aid/types/veterans/federal-benefits.html