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  1. Lea Kolesky says:

    Congratulations on graduating, Natasha! You have great taste in music, by the way. Anderson Paak is SO good. I finally got the chance to see him perform with the Free Nationals in LA last year and his live show absolutely blew my mind! I’m so ready for him to put out some new music. Is there anything you’ve been listening to and really loving lately? Are there any good shows coming to town? See you in class!

  2. VIDAL ESPINA says:

    No matter how atrocious you think your Spanish is at least you can speak the language. My grandmother taught me Spanish during my childhood when she helped raise me. However around 1st grade, I stopped speaking Spanish regularly when I started private school. The school was a Lutheran school where I was only 1 of 3 brown kids. Forget about speaking any Spanish, it was all English from then on.
    So, I completely lost all my Spanish. I’ve been told I form sentences like a toddler in Spanish – so I bet that is more atrocious than you can imagine yours, lol.
    Congratulations on making through to your senior year!

  3. Rachel Hicks says:

    Hi Natasha, it was great to learn more about your heritage and experience! What type of research experience do you want to gain? Please let me know if you want more specific help in this area! We will be doing research throughout the class, but I am here to help you grow in any area you want. Best, Rachel

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