Week 1

About Shefali

Hello everyone! My name is Shefali. I am 25 years old and I am going to be a senior in the fall. I am a transfer student from Los Angeles. […]

Biography Kyeongbin

Hello. My name is Kyeongbin Kim (. I think I have lived in quite a few different places. I was born in South Korea and then moved to New Zealand […]

I am Margo Tannewitz, an avid reader with a boundless desire for better understanding the world that I live in. I am an aspiring writer who deeply cherishes education, and […]


  Hello all! My name is Lea Kolesky and I am a transfer student majoring in History. My region of emphasis is the United States and my research interests include […]

Hello! My name is Vincent Rojas I am an Art History Major with a love for ancient Greek art/culture, Japanese art/culture (Ukiyo-e), pretty much all of art history, hence my […]

Rachel's Story

My name is Rachel Dorlene Emerine Hicks.  I could identify myself in many ways.  I am an anthropologist, Ph.D. student, lover of nature, wife, sister, daughter.  I am white, cis-gender, a woman, […]

My name is Vidal Espina. I am a transfer student majoring in Visual Arts/Media with a minor in Speculative Design. I grew up in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since […]

Cristela's perspective

Gude! Nem bilong mi emi Cristela Garcia-Spitz.  My pronouns are: she, her, hers. I’m originally from Mercedes, Texas, which is just along the southern border of Texas and Mexico where […]