My goal as an educator is to support every student in my class to achieve the learning objectives laid out in the syllabus. I believe that learning is a dynamic process and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I strive to make my class accessible and hopefully even enjoyable for students of all abilities and backgrounds. Below are some campus resources you may find useful. If you need a form of accommodation not listed here, please email me and we will try to work something out together.

Ramadan – I am aware that Ramadan runs from May 6 through June 4 this year, which is a large portion of our time together. I understand that students who are fasting may have a difficult time during a late afternoon class. I ask you to do your best, but I won’t be offended if you are feeling a bit low energy during this period.

Undocumented students – UCSD and the UC system is committed to the Dreamers, refugees, and immigrants who make up our campus family. Immigration support and other services are available through the undocumented student center.

Disability – Students are never required to disclose a disability. Formal support and documentation services are available through the office for students with disabilities.

Parents and caregivers – We all have lives outside the classroom. Many UCSD students are currently caregivers for children, relatives, or others. While I ask that students put their phones away during class, please let me know if you have current caregiving responsibilities that necessitate having your phone out. As laid out in the syllabus, breastfeeding infants (<12 months) are always welcome in class. In childcare emergencies parents are welcome to bring their children to class, though I ask that you bring something to keep them busy. I also understand that daycare and early elementary schools are essentially plague houses. Please stay home and ask your group members for their notes if you feel you may be actively infectious.