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    So for reference, I think the main question/topic was:
    What are the perceptions and attitudes around sleep for premed students submitting their applications to med school?

    my questions:

    1. How busy are people in your situation, usually?
    2. If you slept eight hours every night, do you think you could still get what you had to do done?
    3. What does your schedule for the day usually look like?
    4. Do you think you sleep a “normal” amount compared to others in your situation?
    5. How do you think people in your same situation usually talk about/think about sleep?

    Maya Rosal

    my questions:

    1. Does your coursework/academic responsibilities leave satisfactory time for free/leisure activities?
    2. How do you manage getting in needed free time… do you prioritize that over sleep or only have time for work and sleep and little play?
    3. How do your peers compare to you in terms of their sleeping habits and thoughts on sleep?
    4. How important are your academic responsibilities in relation to your health?
    5. What ways do you think academic institutions can improve their workload and expectations to create a healthier environment for premed students, do you think this is possible or do you think it is more so a problem for individual students to work out?



    Tina Le
    1. What is your ideal amount of sleep/sleep schedule like?
    2. How much sleep do you actually get?
    3. How well does your sleep schedule prepare you for your daily responsibilities?
    4. How many hours of sleep does the average premed student get per night?
    5. How did your sleeping habits compare before college/applications? How will they compare after applications?

    1. How many hours of sleep do you think your peers get a night?
    2. How many hours per night do you think you should get?
    3. Do you think sleep is important?
    4. Do you think your cognitive function is better when you get more sleep?
    5. Is your physical performance altered by a lack of sleep?
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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