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    1. How do you think sleep deprivation is perceived among college students in general?
    2. Do you feel like you’re getting enough good quality sleep?
    3. Can you describe the stresses of your everyday life that may prevent you from the getting enough sleep?
    4. Do you notice any differences in your academic performance when you’re sleep deprived compared to when you feel like you’re well rested?
    5. Do you feel like you are sleep deprived as a result of your own conscious decision, or do you believe that sleep deprivation is something that you’ve learned throughout college and is inherently expected of you as a student?

    Abigail Medina
    1. Do you feel like you prioritize your academics more than your health? What do your friends prioritize?
    2. In what ways does lack of sleep affect your social life?
    3. Has sleep deprivation, in any way, hinder your mental health?
    4. Do you hold yourself accountable for not getting enough sleep? Or do you blame someone else i.e. professors, university, medical schools?
    5. Do you believe it is socially acceptable to be feeling “tired” 24/7? Is it the same among other pre-med students?


    1.In your own opinion do you believe lack of sleep inhibits you from your daily life functions?

    2.Has lack of sleep contributed negatively towards your school performance?

    3.If you do lack sleep, do you feel that you least prioritize sleep, and why?

    4.What is it in your daily activities that contribute to your inability to get sufficient sleep?

    5.Are you napping in daylight hours?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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