Table of Medication Information

RBS Medication Code List

Beginning with Visit 4, and at all subsequent visits, participants were asked to bring in all medications, vitamins and supplements that they were taking. A clinical research nurse asked participants about dosage, time of day taken, frequency of use, and duration of use for each medication, supplement or vitamin. Generic and trade names were recorded as well as substance form and concentration.

The total number of pill bottles or prescriptions brought to the visit is indicated in the variable Med_num_Total. For each pill bottle or prescription (indicated by Med_Num) the total number of active ingredients (Med_Sub_Tot) is noted. For each active ingredient (identified by Med_Sub) the medication category (eg. analgesics) and code (eg. acetlysalicylic acid) is supplied. For substances with more than 8 ingredients (eg. multivitamins), individuals ingredients are not identified, and the maximum number of ingredients (Med_Sub_Tot) is listed as 9.