Personal and Family History

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At several clinic research visits, participants were asked about varying aspects of their personal health and psychosocial history from childhood to adulthood, and about their family history of various diseases and conditions, as well as family longevity.

Annual Mailer Personal and Family History Data

Annual Mailer Data Summary Table

Many of the annual mailers included personal and family history questions.  Some were repeats of clinic research visit queries; however, many are only available in the mailers.  Examples of the latter include personal driving history; personal and familial hair loss and hair graying; parental history of osteoporosis, fractures, and cancers; and parental age at participant birth.  For a detailed list, see the Annual Mailers Data Summary Table.   

Note: Annual Mailer data are available in cross-sectional datasets for each Mailer and are not included in the Personal and Family History longitudinal data set.  See the Annual Mailers tab for details.