On Monday, April 30, I went to Casa Familiar’s Youth Center to see the space and meet the staff at the youth center. The visit to the center was great becauseĀ I got to see how the students used and interacted with the center. What I found interesting and insightful was Mirna, the youth coordinator at the center. After, she gave me a tour and let me know what other activities they do at the center. . . We started to talk about to get to know each other more. Mirna asked if I was from San Diego and what I wanted to help the youth center with. I let her know that whatever it is that she and the center needed I could help. As we talked I found out that her mom works at UCSD as a custodial janitor and that she has been at UCSD for a few years now. I thought it was just interesting to hear how Mirna was connected to UCSD or even in general how UCSD can affect the families of San Diego.