For my art project, I wanted to give a general view to what I learned and saw at The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club throughout the course. I wanted to incorporate as many pictures and I could to my art project, because these were pictures I took during all my visits and found to be extremely important as a reflection of my time visiting the club. Along with that, I wrote a small description for each picture just to give an overview of what the photo represents. Moreover, I also wanted to depict some of the things I learned during my interview with Olivia and all the significant things she said about how the club has influenced her life. As for the artistic aspect of things, I wanted to make my project as colorful as possible seeing as though Guam and Pacific Islanders express a lot of light and color to me. On the back of my project, I glued my short blurb conveying exactly what my art project is about and what I hoped to accomplish through it.