The interview synopsis will be the first thing a researcher sees when browsing the [future] Digital Collection. Therefore, the synopsis needs to be well-written, and it must provide the essential details for the researcher to determine if the interview will be useful. The synopsis should be concise (approximately 150-200 words) and should follow a template. You may see examples of previous posts. Here is a template:

1 sentence – The first sentence should include the name of your interviewee and other basic information such as age, hometown, ways they identify.

2-3 sentences – Elaborate on your interviewee’s life story.

1 sentence – “This interview covers topics such as ….” The keywords you provide here will clue the researcher to the value of this interview for their research purpose.

1-2 sentences – How you met your interviewee, and how the interview was conducted. (i.e. “The interview was conducted via Zoom in order to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.”)

1 sentence – Say who you are. “The interview was conducted by ____, a third year Ethnic Studies major at UCSD who is interested in….]