Mario Chacón, is wearing the blue helmet, second from the left.

The person interviewed is Mario Chacón. Originally from Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles and now living in San Diego working as a muralist and independent art teacher. Mario has a background in educational counseling, previously working with many schools and universities. As a practicing artist of over 25 years with the main focus on mural painting, Mario focuses his art on many social and political issues that sparked or affected the Chicano Movement. This interview covers topics surrounding communal justice, expressions of art, the effects of COVID-19, and, most importantly, the Anastacio Hernández Rojas mural project in Chicano Park. The interview was conducted via zoom to preserve social distancing during the COVID-19 global pandemic. This interview was conducted by Noemí Rodríguez, a second-year Political Science major and Ethnic Studies minor student interested in the different ways communities come together to form justice when governing authorities have failed to bring a legal form of justice.

Mario Chacón Oral History Interview