Dear future students, 

You are about to start one of the most singular classes of UCSD but also one of the most meaningful. ETHN120 will allow you both to engage with the community partners but also to learn more about the importance of oral history and to lead your own interview. This is an amazing opportunity to make a difference by helping communities but also by giving a voice to people who have amazing stories to share.  

This class is not about passing or getting an A. This class is about what you will do with this experience, how this class will help you grow. It is not a class, it is a human experience where you will create strong bonds with your group, your interviewee but also with the community partner you are working with. 

I strongly encourage you to put some of your personal time in this class, because feeling like you are contributing to the community or learning about your interviewee is way more rewarding than a normal assignment (in my opinion). Make the most of this class because it is a very unique opportunity so ask questions, suggest ideas, and listen to the needs of the community. I would also say to share with your classmates because they all have their own stories to share and I believe that the diversity of students’ stories in this class is also what makes it so special.

I really hope that you will enjoy this class as much as I did,

Sincerely yours,

Anaïs Guery