Dear Future Student,

I would first like to welcome you to this course and let you know that you have made an excellent choice. ETHN 120D is an unconventional course where you will have to do a majority of your work outside of the classroom or library. The type of work that you get to do in this course actually means something more than just doing an exam or writing a paper. It means something to the community partner that you work with and it will end up meaning so much to you as well. 

This class requires you to always be on top of things and you must stay organized with everything that is going on, that is my biggest piece of advice. The community partner that I was lucky enough to work with was the Youth Advisory Council (YAC), which is part of UCSD’s Community Health Department. In my work with the YAC, I was able to see youth doing amazing work within their communities and also build relationships with young people who have such amazing stories to tell about their lives. It was truly a great experience taking this class and this will be a cleanse from your typical UCSD course!