Dear future students:

I hesitated about what to write in this letter. As part of the ETHN 120D class in 2020 and part of the 2020 graduates, this was a messy but memorable year for me. This class played a very important role for me in this quarter, both academically and in life.

Cooperating with the community partner let me understand some new knowledge, also get rid of the textbook and have a new understanding of the subject of ethical study. This cooperation is essential for me to understand both the practical application and the existence meaning of ethnical studies.

At the same time, because of this course, I met my TA Youngoh Jung, and the member in the UWEAST group. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our school and life have changed dramatically, and these amazing people helped me a lot during this hard time.

For future students, I would like to suggest that you treasure the learning and cooperation experience in this class, as it is both the most important way to learn in this class and the one of most important experience you can get from this class.