dear future student,

welcome! you’ve made a great decision by choosing to take this course.

it will challenge what you know about academia and ethics, and make you really think about why we do what we do – i’ve never had a course be so personally rewarding while also allowing me to gain credits. 

be prepared to forge meaningful relationships, engage in vibrant discussion, expand your worldview, and be humbled by what you will learn from your peers, your community group, and your interviewee.

approach it with a humble and open mind – you are not the expert, you’re there to learn from people who maybe haven’t had the chance to be heard before, and you’re there to help them out where they deem necessary. this is the time to branch out of your comfort zone and work hard, because your work means more than just a grade – it’s influencing lives (including your own).

your classmates, TAs, lecturers, and guest speakers are all wonderful like-minded people. enjoy the time you have with them, and don’t be afraid to speak up or ask questions. we will all support you.

welcome to a unique and valuable class where you will leave with lasting friendships and so much learned— 

welcome to ethn120d.