Interviewing Angelina Santana was a pleasure, she is a kind, dedicated person who works with her community by being a leader for youth in education. When I had first heard of Mrs. Santana who was the assistant principal at San Ysidro High and is now at Olympian high, I was excited to have a chance to meet and connect with the school’s assistant principal. I got to meet Mrs. Santana through my community partner, a 10th grade AVID classroom, from San Ysidro High, that was facilitated by Mrs. Gomez. Mrs. Gomez described Mrs. Santana as a ‘chingona’, a bad a** who is down for her people. Mrs. Santana has a genuine personality, and she shows a great deal of care for her community and students. She’s very honest with the parents she interacts with along with her students in order to get them to the right track and shows concern for their will-being. Mrs. Santana spoke about uplifting women in spaces she was in and uplifting students through affirmations. She had a very open conversation about her experiences up north and here in San Diego as a woman in higher roles of education. She is very humble and respectful which allows her to form a true connection with every person she encounters. I am really grateful to have met Mrs. Santana.