Yasmin Renteria Davidson is a 27-year-old Texas first-generation college student who does work with Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI). In this oral history, Yasmin shares stories of growing up in a multicultural, supportive neighborhood in the process of higher education and how she has worked in a comparable field, helping the underrepresented student population pursue a college degree. She emphasized the role of community and cultural identity in contributing to community culture and academic and personal success. This lesson is shared more from an interview that addressed the issue of multicultural education, community, and the role of mentorship in shaping racial/ethnic identity. I met Yasmin through a mutual connection at BLCI, with plans to have this interview through Zoom out of scheduling convenience. Aiden Crowley, a first-year Data Science major at UC San Diego with an interest in the intersection of education, identity, and community empowerment conducted the interview.