I have always enjoyed listening to people’s life stories and the various experiences and people that helped them get to where they are today, so I was excited to see what this class had in store. However, with words about conducting an interview, group project, reflections and blog posts floating about in the classroom, it made me nervous about what I signed up for. Although, as the weeks flew by, I am grateful for taking this class and learning more about the San Diego community.

While this was my first time conducting a more formally structured interview, the experience felt like an opportunity to get to know San Diego and UCSD a little more through someone’s life stories. It was great to discuss shared experiences of being a first daughter, first-generation student, and finding joy in community. In addition, sharing her unique experiences of being mixed and how student activism has evolved during her time as a student into our current generation was great to learn from. With similar passions of bridging communities together, I think her stories taught me a lot to reimagine ways we can break barriers and create joyful spaces for everyone.

Additionally, I enjoyed delving into MEChA’s archives for our group project. It was really cool to create a collage that encapsulated MEChA’s unwavering commitment to student activism and collective liberation. Learning about the roots of the org’s culture that has been carried onto the branches of today’s activism, taught me a lot about the undying strength and love of community.