In collaboration with my community partner, the Raza Resource Centro (RRC), I conducted an oral history interview on Gabriela Miramontes, who serves as the Assistant Program Coordinator of  the TRiO Student Support Services Program. To begin the interview, Gabriela discussed what her upbringing was like growing up in Long Beach as a first generation Latinx student and how she witnessed changes in her community throughout the years. When she first arrived in La Jolla after enrolling into UCSD, she admitted to having difficulty transitioning to her new environment and was shocked by the culture, drawing on her comparisons to Long Beach and making her feel out of place. She later goes on to explain how her participation with the student organization MEChA helped her network with students who share similar upbringings and understand her on a more personal level. During her time serving as a general board member of MEChA, Gabriela stated that she was able to explore her identity while also becoming more familiar with upholding values, participating in activist movements, and advocating for social justice. Gabriela’s upbringing as well as her involvement with student organizations at UCSD helped to shape her career path and led her to taking on her current role of Assistant Program Coordinator, which consists of her offering various services to first-generation, low-income, and undocumented students. She admits that the services that her organization provides for students and her work are fulfilling, especially seeing the growth that students undergo from the initial meeting up to the point of graduation, and even up until a student secures a job. However, she mentioned room for improvement across the collaboration between the various organizations on campus, such as implementing service programming within centers so that they are utilized more often and increasingly accessible to students. Another change that she would like to see is increasing the amount of dedicated study and recreational areas where students can meet, as she has seen the positive influence that these areas have had at the RRC. Overall, Gabriela hopes to offer students with various opportunities and services that were not available to her and influencing these communities in a positive way.